Taylor Swift Looks to You for Fashion Inspiration

I was reading my email when I got to work this morning, and BAM!, this article snatched my attention.  Last Thursday my mom, sister and I attended a Taylor Swift concert in Des Moines and I think this article grabbed my attention because she is still on my mind. 

Do you ever get bored with what you’re wearing or are you grabbing the same thing out of your jewelry box or closet all the time?  Lets face it, we all do.  Sometimes all it takes is a brief moment of people watching to intrigue you.  We all love to people watch, it’s interesting just to see how other people go about their day.  Also, sometimes all it takes is to step outside the box (of what your used to), and throw on something absolutely absurd (well, lets not get too carried away!).  I bet you most people will like what you got going on. 

How about throwing on a dress just a little snug showing your curves?  How about layering lots of necklaces or bracelets?  How about wearing a pair of boots with your capris to show them off?  How about throwing on a scarf to add a little jazz?  Sometimes all it takes is to look around and see what is out there and stepping a little out of your comfort zone.  In the article that I posted below, Taylor Swift explains she gets inspiration from other people who she sees. 

Take those two beautiful eyes of yours and look around, it’s amazing what you can see!

She’s checking us out
As CoverGirl’s newest, well, cover girl, Taylor Swift knows a thing or two when it comes to style. But when it’s time for her to get dressed in the morning, she’s going to her fans for a little bit of fashion inspiration. So, make sure you dress extra well the next time you head to one of her shows!

We all get fashion inspiration from different things. And Taylor Swift is telling People that she gets hers from her fans. And it doesn’t sound like she’s just BSing us either. Taylor claims, “I’m a big people-watcher… When I see a girl walking down the street wearing a really cool necklace or an outfit that’s put together in a way I wouldn’t have thought of, it’s inspiring to me. Also, girls come through my meet and greet lines every night wearing dresses or outfits I love. That’s really my favorite way to be inspired by fashion.”

We see what she means. Even though many of us look to Taylor as a fashion role model, we don’t realize that she needs a little inspiration, too. And clearly we love her because we share some style in common, making us role models for Taylor, too.

But Taylor is also looking to her favorite designers for some inspiration. She says, “On the road, I love wearing sun dresses. Some of my favorite things to wear are by Alice + Olivia, Rebecca Taylor, Betsey Johnson, Anthropologie, and Urban Outfitters.” Those are some of our favorite brands, too!

We love Taylor’s sense of style and while she says she’s not ready to start a clothing line yet, we’re sure she will eventually. And it will be a huge hit!

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