Free Tanning Today ONLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Guess what!  Today, Wednesday May 25th, you get to tan at Cuts to Dye For for FREE till 7 pm tonight!!!!!!  Last Thursday the acrylic on the tanning bed cracked, so I quickly ordered a new one.  Tanners were still able to tan on Friday….but due to it getting worse, clients were not able to tan Monday and Tuesday of this week.  Soooooooo, needless to say I spent about 3 hours last night and this morning getting the tanning bed back to mint condition!  Because I was already in there taking things apart….I put in 24 NEW BULBS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I cleaned the whole unit from head to toe, so it’s looking AWESOME!  Why not stop in today and check out the fresh looking HOT bed….for FREE!  I want to thank the tanners that stopped in to tan Monday and yesterday for their cooperation for not being able to tan!  You have to look at the bad things in a good way……I have been wanting to take the bed apart and clean it from top to bottom and this definitely got me to do it!  I just bought new bulbs about a month ago, so it was perfect timing to put the new ones in also!  It was an expensive was to get me to clean it but it worked!  :+)

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