Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone!!  Isn’t it a great day today!  To most of us, it’s just another day.  I want to share some Valentine’s Day data that I found in my email!  Valentine’s Day is the first major holiday of the year and the perfect time to get your creative spirits stirring. Let us help you spread the love around and take full advantage of this holiday’s sale potential. We have provided you some interesting sales data related to Valentine’s Day from the annual RAMA (Retail Advertising and Marketing Association) Valentine’s Day Consumer Intentions and Actions Survey.
According to a 5-year comparison of the RAMA survey results, retailers of traditional Valentine’s Day cards, flowers, and food are seeing less consumer traffic each year, and retail jewelers are seeing more consumers choosing bling as the perfect Valentine’s Day gift. Here are a few of the findings from last year’s survey.

  • 58.1% of consumers celebrated Valentine’s Day
  • 9.3 billion dollars was the projected spending amount for the holiday season on gifts for spouses and significant others
  • 47.5% planned on purchasing candy as a gift
  • 34.3% planned on purchasing flowers as a gift
  • 17.3% planned on purchasing jewelry as a gift

With that said; how about since I am at work today–it’s Valentine’s Day—also my son Beckett’s FIRST Birthday—–ANYTHING THAT HAS SOME BLING ON IT IS 40% OFF TODAY ONLY to celebrate the holiday!  I will be here till 4 pm so come quick!

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