Monthly Newsletter March 2012

Happy March!!!  We are getting that much closer to Spring!!!  YES!  This weather has been WONDERFUL!!  Time is just flying by.  If you didn’t already notice, my newsletters are going to start looking a bit different.  I am doing this to make my life a little simpler.  It honestly takes a long time to put together my newsletters and it’s just about making me go crazy trying to find that time.  I love to do them, so I for sure want to keep doing it.  I’m hoping to also maybe not have as long as newsletters, but to post in my blog way more often than I do now!  So, this is how it’s going to be from now on.  By doing it this way, we will also be able to go back to my blog and look at past newsletters!  (woo hoo!)  Click here to check out the salon’s blog while you’re at it.  Heck, even sign up to get notified when we post something on it!

It’s starting to get to wedding and prom season.  You know what that means, UPDO’s!  Katie and I are getting lots of great hair ideas off our favorite site “Pinterest”.  I want to show you a few that we are in love with!  This helps get us in the wedding spirit!  :+)

This month I want to talk about how to look fabulous in a flash.  I know we are all so busy and there are some mornings we would rather do nothing with ourselves!  Thanks to these time-saving tips from beauty pros, you can look like a million bucks-even on those mornings when you barely have time to brush your teeth! (we have all over-slept, right!?)  Keep your life easy and simple.  Sometimes we over-think it and try to hard.  Doesn’t it upset you when you hardly did anything to your hair and someone comments on it, “your hair looks great today”.  See, sometimes less is more!  :+)

Scarves are great layering pieces that add contrast and polish to a basic outfit.

Brush your teeth in the shower, this saves time and water!

Cleanse your face thoroughly at night so you don’t have to do it in the morning.

No time to shower and your hair is greasy?  Dry shampoo is your best friend!

Moisturize your body with baby oil.  It’s absorbed quickly and you can apply it before you’re dry.

Grab a big necklace or pendant and throw it on; it adds a lot of pizzaz!

Katie just got back from the Midwest Beauty Show that she attended in Chicago last weekend.  I can’t wait for her to tell me all about it and then let you know how her experience was!  Both of us attended that when we were in school, but for me–let’s just say that was quite some time ago!  I had a blast when I went so I’m DYING to hear all about it from her!!

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