Chicago Hair Show

There’s only one America’s Beauty Show, traditionally your Midwest Beauty Show. For more than 80 years, they’ve been owned and produced by salon professionals and I had the opportunity to go again! Myself and three other licensed cosmetologist took off Friday morning from Cedar Falls around 10am, drove through the lovely winter wonderland weather, but we just couldn’t wait to get into Chicago!

Once arrived (8 hours later of driving 45 mph) we decided to go downtown and explore. We ate at a fun little place for supper and called it a night!  We arrived at the McCormick Place bright and early the next morning for the show to begin. Words can’t even describe how extravagant this place is until you have seen it for yourself. Saturday was a day of wandering aimlessly and getting the feel for where places were, but of course we couldn’t wait to hit up all the booths!!  For me, I headed straight for the make up because the booth there is huge and AMAZING. I always have felt like the early bird gets the worm, so I was there real quick to get my goodies! Friday, I also stopped and watched a lot of the on stage performers which never ceases to amaze me. Lots of passion and imagination goes into these hair creations.

Sunday we headed back to the show, and got our shopping or bargaining done so we could hit up some of the classes in the afternoon. It’s always fun to sit in on the classes to see not only the upcoming trends, but the most talented people in the industry.  They offer comprehensive, career-building classes that provide skills we can take back to the salon. You can sit in on classes from all different categories; from, coloring, cutting, styling, nails, esthetics & makeup, etc, you can learn about it all!.. Sometimes it’s overwhelming, but an entire learning experience that involves my very own passion. Sunday night was a blast at the Stylist Choice Awards. We got to see so many interesting things, and most exciting got to see and listen to Tabitha (From Tabitha’s Salon Takeover). I’m almost sure we all know Tabitha, or have heard of her and let me tell you she is just as hilarious in person!

Monday, we did a little sight-seeing around Chicago and of course had to eat at a pizzeria and do all that fun stuff that everyone needs to do if you ever get to Chicago! It was snowing and a blowing Monday so we did most of the site seeing from the car, but we all hope to head back sometime this summer for more entertainment! When we headed back to the show in the afternoon, I found myself people watching more and more!  I was all beauty showed out and ready to hit the hot tub in the hotel! Overall, the beauty show was a blast and something every cosmetologist should go to at least once! Hoping to make it back next March!

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