Monthly Newsletter-April 2012

Holy cow!  Where did March go?  I’m so excited for Easter!  The salon has been all decorated up with fun easter decorations!!  My boys are so excited for Easter.  Dawson has been telling me for months all of the things he wants the Easter Bunny to bring him!  Kids are so funny sometimes! They want it all! 

The forecast for spring is hot, with a variety of colors, styles and accessories  every fashionista needs in her collection. Need help staying ahead of this  season’s fashion must-haves? Check out these 10 tips that show  you how to step into spring with style.

1.  Color Blocking–Jump into spring with a color-blocking bang!  To get this look, don’t be afraid to play around with and pair up bright and  bold colors, like yellow, blue, red, aqua and neon pink

2.  Bright Nail Polish–Spring is all about renewal, so say it loud this year! Don’t be afraid to turn up the heat  with daring colors like pink, yellow, aqua or all three at once.

3.  Shorts Suit–Nothing says chic and sophisticated like a shorts suit, and they’re already  everywhere. Consider a black suit that will for sure be a staple in your wardrobe. But no need to stick with basic black; try lighter colors for a softer look.

4.  Shear Lace–Keep it sizzling in sheer lace this season. You can get  this look in white, black and any shade in between. Just make sure you  wear the proper undergarments to keep the look classy instead of trashy.

5.  Tangerine–If spring came in a flavor, this year it would come in tangerine. Stretch your wardrobe’s color palette with this warm, orange  tone. You can wear it as a top or bottom, or simply as an accent piece.

6.  White Jeans–This spring it’s time to toss your blues aside and pull out the white denim.  If you would want to, you can make a plain outfit pop with a white denim jacket.

7.  Floral Print–Don’t just stop and smell the flowers; this season is the time to wear them also.  For a classic look with a modern twist, go for a floral print pair of pants or skirt with a plain colored shirt.

8.  Platform Sandals–Platforms are back again this spring, but with bolder styles.  Even if you’re not ready to get “heeled up”, there are so many cute flat sandals that are pretty kick butt out there!

9.  Black and White Graphic Print–Rev up that dress and cardigan combo  with a black-and-white graphic print. You can also achieve this look with a graphic skirt,  scarf or top.

10.  Pink Clutch–Sometimes, just a splash of color on the perfect accessory can breathe new life  into a monochromatic look, like a pink clutch.  Cling to a bright clutch to complete your look the next time you head out to a party or after-hours event.

(information from and pictures collected of

I also want to touch base on some hot nails trends.  There are so many different things you can do with nail polish anymore, it’s awesome!  I have found so many creative ideas on Pinterest and want to share a few with you.  Click here to check out my nail pins on my Pinterest board.

                                                         More details here.                                                          More details here .                                                          More details here .                                                           More details here .                                                         More details here.

Don’t forget to put the Laurens Spring Open House on your calendar!  Most of us will be open from Noon-8 PM, but check out our blog for more specific details and promotions.  Click here to check out our blog!

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