Monthly Newsletter-June 2012

School is officially out for the summer and where did that time go!!  I LOVE IT!  I am so pumped for summer, it’s almost ridiculous.  Granted…our summer is filled with weddings but those are such a blast.  We have so many friends getting married, and we wouldn’t miss them for the world!

In this month’s newsletter, I am going to be talking about how often to wash your clothes.  We all want some extra free time this summer, so why waste the time, money and energy to wash things when they really aren’t that dirty.  Sometimes I wonder who is wearing all those clothes in my house that are dirty.  Do you feel like you just did laundry and the piles are back again?  Well after reading this, let’s hope you have a bit less laundry to do!


How often: After 4-5 wears

Good to know:  Over-washing can cause jeans to fade and fray.  Wash your jeans inside out and use cold water, and that will keep them looking like new.  Skip the dryer too, as that can fade the color a lot faster.

 Exception to this rule:  If they tend to stretch out a lot sooner, wash them as needed.  Need a quick fix for stretched out jeans, throw them in the dryer for 10 minutes, but no longer!  “Jeggings” (jean leggings) should be washed after every wear so the knees don’t get saggy.


How often: After 3-4 wears

Good to know:  Your bra isn’t in contact with your underarms so it’s ok to wear them more than once.  Give them a 24-hour break so the elastic can recover.  Organize them in your drawer so you know which one you just wore and which one you should wear next!

Exception to this rule.  If you sweat a lot you can wash your bras in a gentle baby detergent.  Perspiration wears down the elastic, so keeping a bra clean will increase its life span.

Khaki Shorts/Pants

How often: After 2 to 3 wears

Good to know:  Spots show up a lot quicker on light-colored items.  If you get a spot on your clothes, take an instant stain remover to the spot and get rid of it.

Exception to this rule:  With most stain-resistant fabrics, you can swing an extra wear or two. Fabric softeners and dryer sheets aren’t the best option with these clothes because they diminish the effectiveness of the fabric.


How often: After 3 to 4 wears.

Good to know:  A good rule to go by is change your PJ’s twice as often as you change your sheets.  Most people don’t realize how much they sweat through the night and how many skin cells we shed on a normal basis.

Exception to this rule:  If you shower before you hit the pillow, you can grab one or two extra wears out of it.


How often: After every wear.

Good to know:  Your suit will get prematurely stretched out and salt and chlorine will eat away at it.  The best way to wash it is with a gentle detergent and do it by hand.  It’s best to never put it in the dryer.

Exception to the rule:  There isn’t any.  A swimsuit, like underwear, is an intimate garment that absorbs body oils, bacteria, and odors.  It needs to be washed after each use.

Tops and Dresses

How often: After 1 to 3 wears.

Good to know: Don’t overdo the deodorant—one dab will do you. This will help prevent underarm stains.

Exception to the rule:  Whites and silks need a cleaning after every wear, there is really no exception to that.

T-shirts and Tanks

How often:  After each use

What to know:  Treat them like underwear.  They are oil-absorbers just like your undergarments because they are close-fitting.  Wash in hot water.

Exception to the rule:  Stick to the four-hour rule. If you wore it less than 4 hours, it’s ok to put it back in your closet.

(Info gathered from Real Simple.)

In this next segment, I want you share a few beauty tricks that are worth trying this summer.  Summer seems to be a good time to step outside the box and give it a whirl.  Try some of these and see what you think, you just might love it! (tips taken from Glamour magazine)

  1. Two-Tone lashes: Put your normal mascara on and then throw on Part your hair down the middle for something different.  This will make your style seem a little more modern.a bright color just on the ends.  Your eyes are gonna POP!
  2. Even more fun, swap your basic eyeliner for one with a little glitter in it.  Let’s make a statement this summer.
  3. Part your hair down the middle for something different.  This will make your style seem a little more modern.
  4. Apply black eyeliner on the top lid and on the bottom throw on teal liner.  Talk about a fun summer look! (Check out this youtube video for a great how-to for summer makeup)
  5. Have fun with your nail polish.  Paint one finger a total different color than the rest of your nails.  (we just got in the OPI Spiderman collection and also the OPI Teal the Cows Come Home Smudge jewel-tone liner from the lashes to under the brow bone to add a little bit of sparkleCollection.  $8.50 each)
  6. Smudge jewel-tone liner from the lashes to under the brow bone to add a little bit of sparkle
  7. Braid just washed hair: let it sit while you commute to your destination and take out when you arrive and you will have carefree waves. 
  8. Let your freckles show.  Instead of a foundation, use a light coverage tinted moisturizer.
  9. Wear a high pony-tail.  For a fun twist, wrap a piece of your own hair around the elastic band to hide it!
  10. Look like a celeb by throwing your long hair into a messy bun and throw on oversized sunglasses.  (Check out this youtube video for a quick summer do!)

Step outside the box, it won’t kill you!  Heads will be turning for a good reason!

Hope you enjoy the start of your summer!  Erica

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