Monthly Newsletter-July 2012

Hope everyone had a great 4th of July!  I know this is getting out a day late, but I figured everyone was busy yesterday!  This month I am going to be doing a few posts about swimsuits.  The first one is about the dos and don’ts of buying a swimsuit.

The first hurdle in finding a swimsuit that flatters is self-acceptance.  There is very few people in this world that have a “perfect body”.  Even supermodels are airbrushed  when they appear in fashion magazines. Identify and work around your body flaws and also you need to accentuate  the great features that make you unique when finding the perfect suit.  Shopping for swimsuits can make even  the most mild-mannered women lose their patience. Try to have fun with this.  Take a deep breath and dive in!

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The Do-s

1. Check the size of your previous year’s bathing suit before you start shopping,  and use it as a starting point on what size to select. If you do not currently  have a swimsuit that fits, select a size that is one size larger than what you  wear for your everyday clothes. Swimwear is often made smaller which makes a  larger size necessary.

2. When shopping for a suit, think about what first catches your eye. For example, do you notice the bottoms or the top? Now, think of how you’d feel if someone looked first at that part of your body.

3. Select swimwear to try on that accentuates your positive attributes and plays  down any problem areas. For example, women with larger bust sizes should look  for swimwear that offers built-in support while women with small busts should  consider suits that have demi-cups with underwire that boost and maximize.  Try wearing a pair of boy shorts for a little more coverage in the hip and thigh area.

4. Check the tag. The higher the spandex content, the better. The suit will hold its shape and flatter yours.  We need all the help we can get!

5. Take several bathing suits of the same style but in different sizes to the  dressing room to try on. This way if one size is too small, you’ll have the next  size on hand. Move around within the dressing room and mimic some of your  beach-side movements. Pay close attention to how the suits fit your body.  Go with your gut instinct, because most times the thoughts we have right away aren’t going to go away later!

6. Alternate suits. The fabric needs about a day to dry and return to its original shape.  This gives us one more reason to have more than one suit on hand!

7. Follow wash instructions: Gently hand wash your suit in lukewarm water and mild soap and hang it indoors to dry.

8. If you are a regular pool swimmer, buy a suit-cleaning solution (available at most suit retailer shops and e-commerce sites).

The Don’t-s

1. Throwing your suit in the machine washer or dryer will break down the Lycra, bleed and fade colors,  mis-shape padding and damage elasticity.

2. Hanging your suit on the clothesline in the sun is yet another way to stretch it out of shape and speed fading.

3. Sitting or sprawling directly on rough poolsides causes wear and tear; it can also produce the start of tears on your suit bottoms.

4. Racer-backs hug and accentuate back fat; try a full tank suit or tankini.

5. Pairing shorts with a one-piece suit makes even the slimmest gals look like they’ve got a belly.

Swimsuits pictured above can be found on the following websites:,, and

We are keeping busy here at Cuts to Dye For, so keep your eyes open for the next big event!

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