The Perfect Swimwear

Tell us if this scenario sounds familiar – the warm months come,  you head to your favorite department store to pick out a new swimsuit. It’s pretty easy to find a few you like, so you head to the dressing room.

Think ahead thirty minutes.

Back to the rack you go returning every one of them.  You feel discouraged. Summer just isn’t for you, you weren’t meant to get a tan or even have a life this summer.  Your not alone! Most of the time you just need to know what to look for to find the perfect one (and the perfect price).  Draw attention to the spots that rock!

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The Curveless

If your shoulders, waist, and hips are all the same width, you fall into this category.  You have lots of choices and many swimsuits can give you the curves you’re craving.  Find a suit that has simple embellishments (beads, ruffles, belts, etc) that will turn your figure into a shapely one.

The Pear Shaped

If you’re butt is wider than your shoulders, you fall into this category.  Aim to accentuate your torso and your neckline to draw the eye upwards. Choose a bottom that’s darker in color with a top that is noticeably lighter.  Don’t be afraid to show your booty and thick thighs off!  Why be ashamed of a little curve; if you got it flaunt it!

Top Heavy

Are you busty or maybe you just have wide shoulders? You’re body type is what they call an “inverted triangle.”  Try to find bottoms that are bright and/or patterned.  Double check that you’re supported with a swimtop with cups, a halter top or heavy-duty underwire.

Plus Size

Most plus-size sistas think they look “slimmer” by covering themselves up. This is a big falsie!  There are so many great looking plus-size swim suit options these days.  The more skin you show, the thinner you look, so don’t be afraid to show what your mama gave you (within reason, don’t get carried away!).


Don’t just get a suit that is one size too big, get one that is designed for pregnant women.  They are stretchy, so they should grow with you during your pregnancy.  You want to look your best, not like you bought a suit in the wrong size.


If you’ve got an hourglass figure, have fun trying on swimsuits (and thank your momma for your figure!). You’re one of the few women out there who can get away with virtually any style.  So go find a kick butt suit and rock it!

Tummy Issues

If you’ve got a pouch (and who doesn’t), there’s no reason to hide underneath a cover-up. Just look for swimsuits with tummy control panels or gathered fabric to cover any issues.  You can actually look slimmer than you really are with the right suit!


As a Petite lady, your biggest concern may be how to find a small swimsuit that doesn’t make you look like you’re trying to be 25 again.  You can check the junior department, but keep it within reason!

To read more and see pictures of the perfect swimsuits, click here!

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