Monthly Newsletter October 2012

Happy Fall y’all!!  This has GOT to be the best time of year, don’t you think?  I sure do.  Nothing compares to walking outside in jeans and a t-shirt in that fall crisp air, smelling the freshly harvested crops.  Ahhhhhhhhh!!!!  My boys are sure loving this time of year hanging out with Daddy in the field!

I want to apologize for getting this out later in the day than usual.  Today has been a CRAZY DAY!!!!!!!!  This morning Katie and I tried to get our “scarecrow” done for the contest that is going on.  Let’s just say that took way more work than planned!!  Sally still isn’t beautified yet!!!  Hopefully I will get to stuffing her tomorrow!  :+)  My day consisted of 6 colors back to back to back and I am lucky I got my cinnamon roll scarfed down somewhere between 9 am and 7 pm.  So….THAT’S why I am just getting this out now.  Anyways, let’s get to talking beauty and fashion.

Remember in last month’s newsletter we were talking about some crazier styles of leggings.  Well, I’m seeing more and more of this! I wanted to go into a little more depth about leggings to get you more excited about this wonderful piece of clothing.   I understand that the celebs wear a little more crazy pieces of clothing, but that doesn’t mean we can’t take that trend and run with it.

Legging outfits have been around and worn for many centuries. Leggings used to be worn under clothing, but now these ever popular garments are worn as part of an outfit and no longer are hid beneath other clothing. In their transformations over the years, leggings outfits have also been created in several styles, lengths and even colors.  Leggings can be worn from the smallest of children to adults of various ages.  It’s the new versatile accessory!

Some leggings will have fake pockets and belt loops appearing on the material but most will be plain and come in a variety of colors including the popular denim variety.  One of the most common colors of leggings worn with a skirt is classic black but there are many other colors sold on the market today. There are also many types of leggings outfits that can be found with a variety of embellishments on them. Lace is a common material used for this type of legging and can either be found stitched around the bottom hem of the pants or down the outer sides of each leg.

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There are some simple rules to follow when throwing on some leggings.

  1. Layering is a must.  Pair them up with a skirt, tunic or a dress.
  2. Thicker fabric is better…for most.   This “hides” most bulges better than thin fabric
  3. Longer shirts are better.  This again helps to hide your behind, hips and stomach.
  4. Aim for a more roomy shirt…Your silhouette should look big over small
  5. Wear the right shoes.  Leggings look great with flats and/or boots
  6.  If your leggings have patterns, keep the rest of your outfit basic

**info gathered from and

Christmas Open House is sneaking up on us!!!  Mark your calendar for Thursday, November 15th!  More info to come….and I can’t wait for you to see all the NEW items we have in!


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