December Monthly Newsletter

Happy Holidays!!!  I just love Christmas time.  I can’t believe it is the 5th of December and we still don’t have any snow.  Shhhh, I don’t want to jinx in……but I’m not complaining we don’t have any!!  Things are staying crazy busy at the salon getting everyone beautified for all the holidays this time of year!  We wouldn’t want it any other way!

I wanted to give you a sneak peek of the Christmas Tree’s that I decorated at the Methodist Church for the Festival of Trees (check them out on Facebook).  I love how generous people are to take time out of their busy lives to make the Church look so awesome for the Holidays.  TONIGHT is the Soup Supper so don’t miss out!  Come and see how beautiful the Church looks and grab a bowl of soup and some other goodies.  My pan of bars are hot off the press since I procrastinated (like always) and made them when I got home from work at 8 pm last night!

church tree2Theme: “Stashing” through the snow…..To Cuts to Dye For

Theme: Wishing you a Christmas as “Sweet” as you

Are you going to be hosting a Christmas Party and be cooking or running around in circles in the kitchen?  Well, these might be the perfect hair-do’s for you.  You know how much I love day two hair (and you should, too) and these hairstyles are GREAT for day two hair.  Why?  Because you will already have all the product in your hair from day one which makes it way more easy to control and stay in place.  Another reason is, when you backcomb day two hair, it stays a lot better when it’s a little dirtied up and has the product from day one already in it.  I want to give you a few tips for some cute (and easy) hair-do’s for the holidays!  I know how busy things get, and I found some really cute, fun and easy hairstyles!

This style is a great way to get some hair away from your face but yet adds a little twist to the normal ponytail (literally a twist-ha!).  Section one side of your hair out and all you have to do it twists rows back and pin them!

I love the volume that the brunette lady has.  Backcomb the top of your hair to achieve volume.  Then smooth the top layer out and gather it and put into a low ponytail.  Then you can either twist your ponytail or braid it.  If you want to do the twists, make your ponytail into two sections.  Twist each piece by itself and secure it with a ponytail.  Do the same with the other one.  Then twist the two together and secure again at the bottom!  Viola!  It’s that easy!

Keep in touch, I will be writing more posts about how to have great holiday hair!  Oh yeah, AND we are planning a GIRLS NIGHT OUT!!  Trust me, you WON’T want to miss out on this!

Happy Holidays, Erica

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