Holiday Hair

Well, to all you people that wanted a white Chistmas……you got it!  It sure is pretty when you can stay at home and enjoy the view!  My hubby brought me to work today, thank goodness!

Here is part 2 of Holiday Hair!  Hope you enjoy these and use these looks to be rockin’ this Christmas!

I love this messy look because messy is good….to an extent.  With these easy steps to follow, it should end up being pretty easy to do!  Click here for more details.

This look is an easy option for one of those days that you don’t really even want to do your hair.  Did you have curly hair the day before?  If so, then this look is great because there will be no fuss with having to curl your hair before you end up putting it up into a messy ponytail.  Click here for more details.

Can you tell I’m obsessed with this girl!?!  I am a blog follower and I guess you could say I love to stalk this gals blog.  She is like, the hair queen!  You need to go and check out her blog and once you are there, you will know why I’m in love with her!  I love this style because it’s great and simple, but yet can be so elegant.  A quick way to get your hair out of your face by putting some height at the top and then pinning it back.  Click here for a more detailed version.

Have a beautiful Christmas!


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