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New Goodies at Cuts to Dye For-Part 2

nail_candy_logo-aboutI wanted to share another product that we have got in that would be great for Easter Baskets.  Nail Art pens are a revolutionary way to add style to your nails.  Nail Candy is sleek with its colors, chic with its capabilities and unique with its designer “micro-tip”.  Try this salon quality nail pen which has 2 brushes and 2 micro tips for stylish nail art!  There is a color for each personality!  Each pen is $8.00 (includes two colors per pen).

MARDI GRAS is for Leaders not Followers!  Gold Glitter, Purple, Olive Green, Metallic Blue

mardigrapenmardi gras








COURAGE MY LOVE brings Confidence!  Red, Pink, White & Black

lovepenscourage my love








LIVE COLORFULLY is purely Innocent!  Pastel Blue, yellow, green & pink

livecolorfully-canisterlive colorfully







There are endless possiblities of what you can create on your nails!  Enjoy it with your creativity!  Check out some creative ideas below or click here to go to my Pinterest Board with more ideas!



nailartmardigraartloveart  Happy painting! :+)

New Goodies at Cuts to Dye For-Part 1

Remember in last month’s newsletter I told you I would be giving you some great ideas to put in your loved ones Easter Baskets?  Well, here we go!  I will be shooting out 4 different parts to this post.  Trust me, we have a TON more of awesome things here that we sell, but I’m going to touch base on four new sets of items that we just got in lately!  You’re going to want to take a seat………because this is awesome stuff!

The first group of items I want to introduce you to is Mr. Bubble.  I’m sure you have heard of Mr. Bubble in the past, but you HAVE to check out the new things they have added to their great line!  It makes getting clean almost as fun as getting dirty!

Shave Kit $10.00

shave kit

  • Use the Bath time Shaving Kit to get your face shiny and clean
  • Mr. Bubble’s foam soap looks like real shaving cream
  • Gives your boy a reason to have fun in the Tub
  • Includes: 1 Mirror, 1 Shaver, 1 comb, 1 brush and 1 8oz. can of foam soap

Spa Kit $10.00

bubble spa kit

  • Mr Bubble 7 Piece set
  • Includes 1 soft pink bath loofah,Mr bubble bubble bath
  • 2 foam cucumber slices,1 pink plastic hair clip,1 pink plastic comb,1 pack of bubbly tub colors

Ice Cream Shoppe $18.00ice cream shoppe

  • Build and design your very own foam Ice Cream treats in the bathtub
  • Use colorful bath confetti and other fun toppings to create hours of bath time fun
  • Fun and easy clean-up, just use your ice cream cone treats to wash-up
  • Includes: 1 Can of Mr. Bubble Foam Soap, 1 Tube of Bath Soap Confetti, 7 Foam Decorations, 2 Plastic Ice Cream Cones, 2 Suction Cups, 1 Foam Ice Cream Cone Station, and 1 Mesh Bag

Bathtub Monsters $18.00bubble monsters

  • Build and Battle your very own foam soap Bathtub Monsters
  • Spray a large amount of Blue Foam Soap onto the floating platform and add fun foam accessories to give your TUB MONSTER personality
  • Use the Mr. Bubble Squirt Gun to Destroy your Bathtub Monsters
  • Includes: 30 Foam pieces, 1 Plastic Squirt Gun, 1 Waterproof Storage Net and 1 8oz. can of foam soap

Bathtime Body Art $15.00bubble body art

  • Create hours of bath time fun with the Mr Bubble Wash Mitt and 6 Bubble Markers
  • Markers are safe to use on bathtub walls, tile and skin
  • With Mr. Bubble coloring is always fun in the tub
  • Includes: 6 Classic Colors and 1 Mr. Bubble Bath Mitt

Colorator $8.00


  • Includes: 6 bath crayons, sponge and BONUS bubbly tub colors.
  • Moms: Crayons are safe for kids and easy to clean up!
  • Nontoxic

Bathtub Colors $5.00tub colors

  • Bubbly Tub Colors magically change the color of the bath water
  • Helps make bath time fun & colorful
  • Includes 50 tablets in an assortment of pink, blue and yellow
  • Rinse body and tub after use
  • Mix the colors for even more excitement, but don’t exceed 10 tablets per bath

Monthly Newsletter-March 2013

March is called the windy month. It is considered windier than other months.  The extreme contrast in temperatures causes major storms to develop moving cold air mass. The barometric pressure in the core of the air masses increase to high levels. Simultaneously, the increasing sunshine over the temperate zones produces warm air masses to develop and head north.  The low pressure combines with high pressure producing southerly winds that bring warm air in contact with the cold air from the north.  The pressure differences between the strong high pressure mixed with the deep low pressure make for windy days in March.  But we live in Iowa, so what do we expect!

There is a lot of exciting things going on this month.  Daylight Savings, March madness, St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, and I’m sure much more in your busy life.  Don’t forget to move your clock forward one hour at 2:00 a.m. on Sunday, March 10, 2013!  I think they do this just to mess with us!

2013 will be 75 years of celebrating March Madness!  What is March Madness?  It is a single-elimination college basketball tournament held each March in the United States to determine the NCAA  Basketball Champion.  The NCAA tournaments are an American Tradition that entice many people each year.  It concentrates on 68 basketball teams vying for the college basketball biggest prize.  Many people participate in a basketball pool.  March Madness office pools are by far the most popular pool there is. Check online on how to set up your March Madness pool. Check:   www.printyourbrackets.com.  This will be another good reason for our spouses/loved ones to be glued to the tv even more!

I may not be Catholic, but I sure love this time of the year because of all of the Fish Fry’s.  Have you been making the rounds to everyone’s Fish Fry?  My family sure has!  Mmmmmm!  This time of year also brings Easter.  This year I have donated my time this year to help organize the Easter Egg Hunt here in Laurens.  Things are going great with it and we can’t wait to see everyone the day of the Hunt.  Make sure to mark your calendar for Saturday March 30th.  We will be serving pancakes at the Methodist Church starting at 8:30.  The Easter Egg Hunt will be at Sportmans Park at 9:30 a.m.  All the children will get easter eggs……I have been spending my time organizing eggs and there will be over 1,400 eggs!  Woo Hoo!


We have been getting so many new things in the Salon.  There are a lot of great ideas for things to put in your Easter Basket.  No matter what your price range is, there is something for everyone.  Be on the lookout in the coming weeks for great ideas from Cuts to Dye For!

Here is a few good tips for looking good this Easter!

easter outfir3

Click here to lean more

easter outfit1

Click here to learn more

easter jewelry1

Click here to learn more

teal eyes

Click here to learn how

confetti nails

Click here to learn how

Happy March!  Get yourself in style ASAP, if you need help let us know!

Until next time…….


50 things to put in a Easter basket besides candy

50 things to put in a Easter basket besides candy (and also sold locally)!!

OK, now this has only taken me from 8 am-10 pm today to get this done.  Let’s just say it’s been one heck of a day.  Since I had a full schedule of clients from 9am-7pm, it takes a while to gather the info when you don’t have much free time!  Anyways, I’m getting the heck outta the salon and going home to kick up my feet (or just pass out from being exhausted).  Thank god I already have my Easter baskets filled for my 2 boys and 3 niece and nephews!  But check out these ideas for all you last minute people…and no worries, all of these items are SOLD IN LAURENS!!!!

  1. Nail polish (sold at the salon $3.00 each and up)
  2. Markers and crayons (sold at Hy Vee Ressler Drug)
  3. Toys (sold at Laurens Equipment)
  4. Fun toothbrush (sold at Food Pride)
  5. Play dough (sold at Hy Vee Ressler Drug)
  6. Stuffed Animals (sold at Town and Country Floral)
  7. Shower Bursts (sold at the salon $4.00 each)
  8. Games (sold at JH Design)
  9. Bubbles (sold at Hy Vee Ressler Drug & JH Design)
  10. Superhero Capes (click here for instructions)
  11. Pool toys (squirt guns, goggles, etc.)
  12. Toothbrush (sold at Food Pride)
  13. Pens/Pencils (sold at Laurens Food Pride)
  14. Homemade Sidewalk chalk (click here for recipe)
  15. Lipgloss (Avon sold at Vintage Market)
  16. Change Purse (sold at II Unique)
  17. Letters and shapes for bath time fun (good ideas on Pinterest)
  18. Gak-Homemade ooze (click here for recipe)
  19. Eggs full of Cheerios (food sold at Food Pride)
  20. Slippers (sold at II Unique)
  21. Misc small toys (sold at Vintage Market)
  22. New sippy cups or water bottles (sold at Hy Vee Ressler Drug)
  23. Puzzles (sold at Hy Vee Ressler Drug)
  24. Hair Accessories (sold at the salon $2 each and up)
  25. Coloring books (sold at Hy Vee Ressler Drug)
  26. Painted Eggs (sold at Vintage Market)
  27. Movie tickets (sold at Laurens State Bank)
  28. Magazines and/or subscription (sold at Food Pride)
  29. Sunglasses (sold at the salon $8.00 each)
  30. Trail mix & Jerky (Jack Links)
  31. Eggs full of small toys (sold at Hy Vee Ressler Drug)
  32. Card games (sold at Hy Vee Ressler Drug and Food Pride)
  33. Gift Cards (sold at Food Pride)
  34. Tutu’s (sold at II Unique)
  35. Figurines (sold at Vintage Market)
  36. Felt Figurines (click here for great a great idea)
  37. Bracelets\ Jewelry (sold at the salon $5 and up)
  38. Picnic set (sold at JH Design)
  39. Disposable camera (sold at Food Pride and Hy Vee Ressler Drug)
  40. Gas card (sold at local convenient stores)
  41. Stickers (sold at the salon for CHEAP)
  42. Hair products (sold at the salon $3 and up)
  43. Books (sold at JH Design)
  44. Flower Seeds (sold at Town & Country Floral)
  45. Flash Cards ( sold at Hy Vee Ressler Drug)
  46. Earrings (sold at the salon $5.00)
  47. Jump rope (sold at Hy Vee Ressler Drug)
  48. Flashlight (Hwy 10 Hardware)
  49. Wall Decals (sold at Kristin’s Kustom Designs, check her out here)
  50. Homemade coupon booklet (check out Pinterest for ideas)