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New Goodies at Cuts to Dye For-Part 1

Remember in last month’s newsletter I told you I would be giving you some great ideas to put in your loved ones Easter Baskets?  Well, here we go!  I will be shooting out 4 different parts to this post.  Trust me, we have a TON more of awesome things here that we sell, but I’m going to touch base on four new sets of items that we just got in lately!  You’re going to want to take a seat………because this is awesome stuff!

The first group of items I want to introduce you to is Mr. Bubble.  I’m sure you have heard of Mr. Bubble in the past, but you HAVE to check out the new things they have added to their great line!  It makes getting clean almost as fun as getting dirty!

Shave Kit $10.00

shave kit

  • Use the Bath time Shaving Kit to get your face shiny and clean
  • Mr. Bubble’s foam soap looks like real shaving cream
  • Gives your boy a reason to have fun in the Tub
  • Includes: 1 Mirror, 1 Shaver, 1 comb, 1 brush and 1 8oz. can of foam soap

Spa Kit $10.00

bubble spa kit

  • Mr Bubble 7 Piece set
  • Includes 1 soft pink bath loofah,Mr bubble bubble bath
  • 2 foam cucumber slices,1 pink plastic hair clip,1 pink plastic comb,1 pack of bubbly tub colors

Ice Cream Shoppe $18.00ice cream shoppe

  • Build and design your very own foam Ice Cream treats in the bathtub
  • Use colorful bath confetti and other fun toppings to create hours of bath time fun
  • Fun and easy clean-up, just use your ice cream cone treats to wash-up
  • Includes: 1 Can of Mr. Bubble Foam Soap, 1 Tube of Bath Soap Confetti, 7 Foam Decorations, 2 Plastic Ice Cream Cones, 2 Suction Cups, 1 Foam Ice Cream Cone Station, and 1 Mesh Bag

Bathtub Monsters $18.00bubble monsters

  • Build and Battle your very own foam soap Bathtub Monsters
  • Spray a large amount of Blue Foam Soap onto the floating platform and add fun foam accessories to give your TUB MONSTER personality
  • Use the Mr. Bubble Squirt Gun to Destroy your Bathtub Monsters
  • Includes: 30 Foam pieces, 1 Plastic Squirt Gun, 1 Waterproof Storage Net and 1 8oz. can of foam soap

Bathtime Body Art $15.00bubble body art

  • Create hours of bath time fun with the Mr Bubble Wash Mitt and 6 Bubble Markers
  • Markers are safe to use on bathtub walls, tile and skin
  • With Mr. Bubble coloring is always fun in the tub
  • Includes: 6 Classic Colors and 1 Mr. Bubble Bath Mitt

Colorator $8.00


  • Includes: 6 bath crayons, sponge and BONUS bubbly tub colors.
  • Moms: Crayons are safe for kids and easy to clean up!
  • Nontoxic

Bathtub Colors $5.00tub colors

  • Bubbly Tub Colors magically change the color of the bath water
  • Helps make bath time fun & colorful
  • Includes 50 tablets in an assortment of pink, blue and yellow
  • Rinse body and tub after use
  • Mix the colors for even more excitement, but don’t exceed 10 tablets per bath