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Monthly Newsletter-July 2013

    Going Short?

Now that summer is here, we tend to think about another hairstyle.  With the warm weather, you might be thinking of cutting your hair shorter.  Shorter hair can be cooler, sometimes edgy, and unique.  You can definitely define your personal style with a short hair style. Are you ready for the plunge?

Before you do that, you need to take a few things into consideration. When you get your hair cut short, you will want to keep it maintained.  That will mean getting it cut every 4-6 weeks.   After 6 weeks, the style starts to look shaggy.  Plan your budget accordingly.

1. Know what you want.  Be sure to work with your stylist on the best hairstyle for your bone structure.  Not all short hair styles work with all facial features, hair textures, maintenance and overall desired look.

2. Bring a photo of what you want.  If you are making a drastic change, you will want to show your stylist what you are thinking and let them give you their recommendations.  Sometimes what you are thinking, is not what we are thinking!  “Your short” may not be the same as “our short” and vice versa.

3. Unlike long hair that you can pull back into a ponytail or a bun, you need to style short hair every day.

4. Short hair may require more hair care products.  You will want to spend money on good quality products to give your hair the best results.  Products are a key factor into maintaining a great cut.

5. Play with your new haircut.  Try different looks.  Even though it’s short you can still do different styles or use different hair accessories.

6. Put your new look together with clothes and makeup that goes with your new hair style. Short hairstyles can show more of your ears and necks.  Find some fancy earrings to show off your ears or a shirt that shows your neckline.

Be fearless!

We all are living busy lives these days.  Sometimes I wish there were more hours in the day….but then I think I would just be going non-stop for that many more hours.  So I don’t think it would be better with more hours!  Katie and I are taking a few days off this week with the 4th of July falling on Thursday.  I find it hard to relax because I don’t really ever do it!  But the end of this week and weekend I am going to try to.  This is probably going to be the only time we get to go camping this year because we have so many weddings this summer!  I got all my cooking and baking done on Monday so I am almost ready to head out Wednesday evening!  I thought it was fitting to talk about how to relax and calm ourselves down!  Hope you guys enjoy a relaxing couple days around the 4th.

stressWays to Relax from Stress

Everyone experiences stress at some point in their lives. One’s job or situation does not need to be high-profile for it to be high anxiety for you.  The cost of ignoring stress will cause you to show signs of wear and tear. It can range from simple fatigue to obesity or even heart disease. Are you doing everything you can to help your body recover from the effects of stress?

stress21. Don’t stress eat.  Be mindful of what you put in your body. Don’t be impulsive. Start with a glass of water before making a decision of what to eat.  This seems to be a hard one for a lot of people, myself included.  I LOVE to eat!

2. Let your body recover by sleeping. You know your body. You know how much sleep you need to be comfortable.  Stress can cause insomnia. But being sleep deprived, you can’t handle stress as well.  It is so important to get a good nights sleep…..on a regular basis.  Sometimes that is hard to do, but try as hard as you can to get the same amount of sleep each night.

3. Breathe and meditate.  Slow down your anxious mind.  Try to block everything out. While trying to block out your day, take a few minutes to breathe. Sit with your back straight, close your eyes and relax your shoulders. Inhale and exhale purposefully for several minutes.  Sometimes all it takes is to get our body calmed down and then we can think more clear!

4. Decide if the stress you are dealing with is worth it.  While there is stress everywhere, sometimes you can walk away from the situation or talk it out with someone can help you determine if it is even a stress that you need deal with or if you need to rethink some choices you may need to make.  I find a lot that we are worrying about things we can not change and not worrying about the things we really can change.  Get your focus in the right direction, and it’s amazing how much we can accomplish!


Monthly Newsletter-April 2013

5 year3

April marks a special time here at Cuts to Dye For.  April is the month that I started doing business here at this location.  BEST. DECISION. EVER. MADE.  Wow, 5 years have gone by already.  Yes. Five.  Hard to believe isn’t it!?  I sit and think about it and it truly amazes me.  Sometimes you just have to give yourself a pat on the back for how far you have come.  I really can’t imagine myself any different from what I’m doing right now and where this path has led me.  Do any of you remember when I first opened up, I believe I maybe had about 25 items total retail items (besides product) in my store.  Now-a-days, the retail items are endless.  I want to say thank you.  THANK YOU. Thank you to all of you who believed in me and stepped into this journey with me.  With out all of you I wouldn’t be as successful as I am today.

spring fling

Spring is coming quickly and there are lots of new Spring Items out in stores!  I know we are continuing to get more and more new items in!  We are getting ready for Spring Open House, so make sure to put Thursday April 25th on your calendar!  There will be a lot of business’ participating along with Cuts to Dye For!! You won’t want to miss out!  I will be doing some posts on the blog to “tease” you and show you all the goodies we are getting in!  hehe

organ donor1

April is National Donate Life Month with hopes of raising awareness for the dire need for organ donations.  Currently more than 115,000, men, women and children are awaiting organ transplants to save their lives.  Thousands more are in need of tissue and cornea donations.  There is no cost to the donor’s family for participating.  It is important to discuss your personal preferences.  You can indicate on your driver’s license of you want to be an organ donor.

Time for a new ‘do?

Are you thinking you might be in the mood for a new haircut?  The asymmetrical haircut is always a good one to try if you have medium to short hair.  There isn’t many people who it doesn’t look good on.  Here is a little bit about that haircut.

Asymmetric Hairstyles…
Will They Work For You
Asymmetric hairstyles are exactly what they sound like, where one side is different from the other.  They can be asymmetrical from one side to the other, or from front to back.  One asymmetrical hairstyle is the bob. The asymmetrical bob hairstyles are some of the most modern and stylish haircuts for those who have short to medium length hair.
Asymmetrical hairstyles will add edginess to your style.  Look at Victoria Beckham, well-known as a Spice Girl and for being married to David Beckham, heart throb throughout the world.  Victoria changes her hairstyle on a very regular basis, but she favors bob hairstyles, and we’re not talking traditional bobs, totally even all around.  Victoria brings to the common bob a true adventurous style, by turning it into an inverted bob.
An inverted or concave bob is cut short at the back of the neck and becomes longer toward the face, creating an asymmetrical shape. This cut is also known as a stacked or wedge bob, a style that is perfect for people with very straight, fine hair. It is usually layered to create volume and provides an illusion of fullness often difficult for people with this type of hair.
A good cut is essential for this style to work, but is surprisingly easy to maintain once you know how. Watch us carefully how to work with your haircut and we can teach you how the best way to blow out this style is and what products you need to keep its shape throughout the day.

katies new do

Speaking of a new do…..Last week I gave Katie a new Haircut.  It looks AWESOME!  One thing I want to say about this is HOLY FACEBOOK.  On our Cuts to Dye For’s Facebook page, I can see how many people view everything that I post.  Let’s just say Katie is going GLOBAL!  I posted a picture of her before/after on our page shortly after I cut her hair.  Within the first 8 hours of posting it, there were 2,180 views.  WHAT!?!?  NO WAY!?!  We have never had that many views on anything we have posted!  Talk about AWESOME!  I just looked on our page again and right now its up to 2,840 views.  CRAZINESS!  Let me remind you we only have 291 people who “LIKE” us on Facebook!  Think of what the numbers would have been if we had even 500 “likes” on Facebook!  Tell everyone you know to “like” us and when we get to 500 likes, we will give away a PRIZE!

New Goodies at Cuts to Dye For-Part 2

nail_candy_logo-aboutI wanted to share another product that we have got in that would be great for Easter Baskets.  Nail Art pens are a revolutionary way to add style to your nails.  Nail Candy is sleek with its colors, chic with its capabilities and unique with its designer “micro-tip”.  Try this salon quality nail pen which has 2 brushes and 2 micro tips for stylish nail art!  There is a color for each personality!  Each pen is $8.00 (includes two colors per pen).

MARDI GRAS is for Leaders not Followers!  Gold Glitter, Purple, Olive Green, Metallic Blue

mardigrapenmardi gras








COURAGE MY LOVE brings Confidence!  Red, Pink, White & Black

lovepenscourage my love








LIVE COLORFULLY is purely Innocent!  Pastel Blue, yellow, green & pink

livecolorfully-canisterlive colorfully







There are endless possiblities of what you can create on your nails!  Enjoy it with your creativity!  Check out some creative ideas below or click here to go to my Pinterest Board with more ideas!



nailartmardigraartloveart  Happy painting! :+)

Monthly Newsletter-January 2013


Happy New Year everyone!  First of all, I want to say thanks to everyone who supports Cuts to Dye For every year.  We just keep kicking butt and every year keeps getting better and better.  Katie and I are so blessed to have such awesome clients that make our job so much fun!  With that said, I want to say thank you, thank you, thank you to each and every one of you!

How was your Holiday?  Crazy I’m sure! (whose isnt!?)  In this months newsletter lets talk about New Years Resolutions.  Honestly, I don’t really get involved with resolutions.  I don’t want to say I don’t believe in them, but who honestly keeps them anyways?  Let’s first about some resolutions you can make without really having to “push” yourself to go crazy trying to keep that dang new year’s resolution.

The most important factor in keeping your resolutions is to make the right resolution. If you make the wrong one, you won’t keep it.  You don’t want to add more to the infamous “fail” list.  So why not have some resolutions that you can just work into your daily/weekly/monthly routine and not really stress about.

1. Spend more time with friends.  We all know that life seems to be so much better when you are with people you love.  Don’t get yourself feeling lonely, make it a priority to reach out to the ones you love to keep yourself feeling great!  It can be as simple as meeting up with your girl friends/guy friends once a month.

2. Everyday, find a way to give something to somebody.  It’s so easy to forget how awesome our life really is.  We get busy and forget to appreciate all the small things.  Make it a priority to “give” something to someone once a day.  It can be a helping hand, a compliment, a much-needed $5 bill—even if it is just a tiny act of kindness.  When we make giving a habit, we make gratitude and kindness central themes in our lives. In so doing, we transform our lives with joy.  This year I am going to try to do a 365 day project.  What that means is, I’m going to write down one thing each day that I’m thankful for or the one thing that brightened my day.  Seems simple I know, but then on those days I’m feeling down, I can go back and remind myself there is a lot to be thankful for.  Even the simple things.

3. Make a budget.  This seems totally like a no brainer, doesn’t it?  I don’t even think this needs much of an explanation.  If you have a budget and stick to it as much as you can, you will know exactly when and where your money is going.  I am terrible at this…….maybe this should be my one realistic goal for myself!  :+)  Every year I say I am going to be better at it, maybe this IS my year!

4.  Declutter your life.  This can be as simple as keeping your kitchen counters clean from all the junk mail or things you leave out.  It’s amazing how much better you feel when there isn’t stuff laying everywhere.  Take this one step at a time of keeping one room at a time clutter free and soon your house will be clutter free.  Do this same thing at work, in your home, in your head, in your vehicle….you get the point.  Little by little things become a lot easier to do.

5.  Strive to be a better person.  This one sounds a lot like what many people resolve to do, but I do think it is an important goal for everyone. There are many ways we can improve our lives.  Remember to start simple and you can gain more progress from there.

never too late

How about making some beauty resolutions that are simple.  Here is a short list of resolutions that can be easily implemented and kept:

  1. Always wash your face before you go to bed
  2. Exfolitate once a week
  3. Don’t pick at your pimples
  4. Throw out all makeup you haven’t used in 3 months
  5. Clean makeup brushes weekly
  6. Get more regular sleep
  7. Drink more water
  8. Take a multi-vitamin
  9. Smile more
  10. Tell yourself that you are beautiful every. single. day.
  11. Wear a spectacular outfit once a week
  12. Make wise fashion investments
  13. Take small risks with your fashion/makeup
  14. Take the extra steps to protect your hair and skin
  15. Try not to wash your hair daily

That is just a short list.  When you take a little bit of time and be realistic about it, I think we all can do it.  Pick one thing to focus on.  You don’t have to be a “superstar” and have multiple things you want to change.  Make sure your heart is in it, do what you need to do to stay motivated and be realistic about what you can actually do. That makes it sound so simple. But it really never is.  Make 2013 the best year yet!

:+)  Erica

new years infograph

December Monthly Newsletter

Happy Holidays!!!  I just love Christmas time.  I can’t believe it is the 5th of December and we still don’t have any snow.  Shhhh, I don’t want to jinx in……but I’m not complaining we don’t have any!!  Things are staying crazy busy at the salon getting everyone beautified for all the holidays this time of year!  We wouldn’t want it any other way!

I wanted to give you a sneak peek of the Christmas Tree’s that I decorated at the Methodist Church for the Festival of Trees (check them out on Facebook).  I love how generous people are to take time out of their busy lives to make the Church look so awesome for the Holidays.  TONIGHT is the Soup Supper so don’t miss out!  Come and see how beautiful the Church looks and grab a bowl of soup and some other goodies.  My pan of bars are hot off the press since I procrastinated (like always) and made them when I got home from work at 8 pm last night!

church tree2Theme: “Stashing” through the snow…..To Cuts to Dye For

Theme: Wishing you a Christmas as “Sweet” as you

Are you going to be hosting a Christmas Party and be cooking or running around in circles in the kitchen?  Well, these might be the perfect hair-do’s for you.  You know how much I love day two hair (and you should, too) and these hairstyles are GREAT for day two hair.  Why?  Because you will already have all the product in your hair from day one which makes it way more easy to control and stay in place.  Another reason is, when you backcomb day two hair, it stays a lot better when it’s a little dirtied up and has the product from day one already in it.  I want to give you a few tips for some cute (and easy) hair-do’s for the holidays!  I know how busy things get, and I found some really cute, fun and easy hairstyles!

This style is a great way to get some hair away from your face but yet adds a little twist to the normal ponytail (literally a twist-ha!).  Section one side of your hair out and all you have to do it twists rows back and pin them!

I love the volume that the brunette lady has.  Backcomb the top of your hair to achieve volume.  Then smooth the top layer out and gather it and put into a low ponytail.  Then you can either twist your ponytail or braid it.  If you want to do the twists, make your ponytail into two sections.  Twist each piece by itself and secure it with a ponytail.  Do the same with the other one.  Then twist the two together and secure again at the bottom!  Viola!  It’s that easy!

Keep in touch, I will be writing more posts about how to have great holiday hair!  Oh yeah, AND we are planning a GIRLS NIGHT OUT!!  Trust me, you WON’T want to miss out on this!

Happy Holidays, Erica

Monthly Newsletter-May 2012

We have been very busy this past month getting ready for Spring Open House (which was held Thursday, April 26th) and throw the whirl wind of Prom in there, too!  Needless to say, we survived another Prom.  The weekend of April 21st Katie and I did 8 beautiful young ladies for Prom.  We do survive each year, but it sure is a lot of stress to make everyone pleased and beautiful!  Below is a few pictures of the young ladies we did.

Every year spring somehow takes us by surprise.  Of course, it is a pleasant surprise!  Not only because of soaring temperatures, but because we finally get to try on our new and exciting clothes!  What’s hot for this summer?  I bet you’re dying to know!  April showers bring May flowers, and speaking of flowers… they are a huge trend this season! I call it flower power baby!   Big, small, girly, and abstract … everything goes. Flowers will be a big trend and will be staying around until next spring. 😉

(Dress sold at the salon for $32.00)

Another trend you’ll see a lot of this season is pattern! Be on the lookout for stripes and zig zags (also known as chevron). Zig zags are great for making a statement. The more fearless you are with mixing patterns the more fabulous the resulting ensemble will be.  You can never go wrong with the nautical theme either. It is classic and crisp and just makes you want to smile!

I don’t know about you, but I’m still in the Spring cleaning mode (kinda)!  Do you go through all the drawers in your bathroom and find a TON of makeup, tools, and brushes?  Do you know if it’s old or you’re still able to use it?  I bet you don’t.  I’m guilty myself.  I was using makeup and supplies from years ago!  Let’s just say after I came across this great information in All You magazine, I threw a lot of makeup away!  Let me help you with deciding what to pitch and what to save!  Clear, Cleanse, Consolidate!

How do you know if your makeup is old?

  • The scent changes-does it smell different or weird?  If that is happening, this usually means the preservatives are breaking down and it’s time to pitch it.  To keep them lasting longer, store them away from direct sunlight.
  • It turns colors-If it contains active ingredients and is changing colors, toss it out.  Not all color changes mean it went bad, but depending on what’s in it, makes a difference.  You wouldn’t want to be using a product such as something with salicylic acid in it to help your zit when it’s old and weakened.
  • Seperation-If probably has lost its efficacy if it has a top layer of liquid in it.  There is one exception to this and that is nail polish.  Just twirl your polish around and get it mixed!

Hairbrush Makeover-You should be cleaning your brush every two weeks to extend the life of your brush

  • Comb of Strands-Run a wide tooth comb through your brush to keep loose straglers from getting tangled up.  Got a big mess?  Use a seam ripper to quickly get through it!
  • Dunk in Water-Add a bit of baby shampoo to your sink filled with water and swish your brush around in that to help clean it.  Don’t soak your brush, it isn’t good for them!

Appliance Awesomeness-Keep them looking fab and they will keep your hair looking fab.  Try to clean once a month if you use them often

  • Clean the lint filter-Make sure your dryer is unplugged and remove the covering on the filter.  Grab an old toothbrush to scrub it clean.  If it’s clogged, this causes it to become over-heated.
  • Clean your hot tools-We all use product and the buildup is everywhere!  Take a damp cloth and add a little baking soda to the cloth and gently rub the residue clean.
  • Store it right-It’s best to not wrap the cord tightly around your tool, but instead loop it loosely and secure with a twist tie if you want.  Tuck it in a drawer or cupboard to keep it away from dust and dirt.

Clean your Makeup Brushes-You should be doing this at least once a month

  • Wet bristles-add a little baby shampoo to your sink full of water and gently emerge your brush into the water.
  • Lather it-Do this just a little bit.  Rub it on the palm of your hand.  Try not to emerge it too much so it dampens the glue that holds the bristles in.
  • Rinse-Get rid of the extra water and reshape it.  Let it dry over night.
  • Need a quick fix?  Wipe your brush on an anti-bacterial towelette for a quick clean!

Keep it or Toss it?  Beauty products have a shelf life just like almost all other things.  Here is a quick list of how long most items last.

  • Foundation-up to 2 years
  • Lipstick-2 years
  • Mascara-3 months
  • Blush/Face Powder-2 years
  • Nail polish-1 year
  • Acne treatments-3 months to a year
  • Natural products-up to 6 months
  • Shampoo and Conditioner-roughly 3 years
  • Lotion-2 to 3 years
  • Sunscreen-check the tube, but usually up to 3 years
  • Deoderant-up to 2 years
  • Perfume-up to 3 years

How do you remember when you bought it?  I can’t seem to remember last week, so how do you think I will know how old my products are?  Guess what, quick tip for that—-write the date on the package or item when you get it so there is no guessing game!  :+)

I want to give a few tips also generally speaking with “Spring Cleaning”.  I know I was guilty of this first one, but it is for sure grilling weather!  Don’t forget to check your propane tank to make sure it’s full before you get into grilling mode.  (yep, we went to grill for the first time this year and no propane.  YIKES)

This next one pertains to inside animals (oh I miss my cats).  A quick way to remove hair from your furniture is to put on a rubber glove and run your hand over the surface.  Viola!

While going through your closet, do you feel like your room is humid?  Place an (open) bundle of chalk in your closet to absorb moisture.  Who would have thought!

I don’t know about you guys, but I DO NOT iron stuff!  Quick tip for getting a few wrinkles out without getting the iron out is to run a warm curling iron over your item and smooth it with your hands  (now make sure you aren’t leaving it on for a long time or using a dirty curling iron on a white shirt…you might end up with more issues!).

Be on the lookout for a Mother’s Day post coming soon!

Monthly Newsletter-April 2012

Holy cow!  Where did March go?  I’m so excited for Easter!  The salon has been all decorated up with fun easter decorations!!  My boys are so excited for Easter.  Dawson has been telling me for months all of the things he wants the Easter Bunny to bring him!  Kids are so funny sometimes! They want it all! 

The forecast for spring is hot, with a variety of colors, styles and accessories  every fashionista needs in her collection. Need help staying ahead of this  season’s fashion must-haves? Check out these 10 tips that show  you how to step into spring with style.

1.  Color Blocking–Jump into spring with a color-blocking bang!  To get this look, don’t be afraid to play around with and pair up bright and  bold colors, like yellow, blue, red, aqua and neon pink

2.  Bright Nail Polish–Spring is all about renewal, so say it loud this year! Don’t be afraid to turn up the heat  with daring colors like pink, yellow, aqua or all three at once.

3.  Shorts Suit–Nothing says chic and sophisticated like a shorts suit, and they’re already  everywhere. Consider a black suit that will for sure be a staple in your wardrobe. But no need to stick with basic black; try lighter colors for a softer look.

4.  Shear Lace–Keep it sizzling in sheer lace this season. You can get  this look in white, black and any shade in between. Just make sure you  wear the proper undergarments to keep the look classy instead of trashy.

5.  Tangerine–If spring came in a flavor, this year it would come in tangerine. Stretch your wardrobe’s color palette with this warm, orange  tone. You can wear it as a top or bottom, or simply as an accent piece.

6.  White Jeans–This spring it’s time to toss your blues aside and pull out the white denim.  If you would want to, you can make a plain outfit pop with a white denim jacket.

7.  Floral Print–Don’t just stop and smell the flowers; this season is the time to wear them also.  For a classic look with a modern twist, go for a floral print pair of pants or skirt with a plain colored shirt.

8.  Platform Sandals–Platforms are back again this spring, but with bolder styles.  Even if you’re not ready to get “heeled up”, there are so many cute flat sandals that are pretty kick butt out there!

9.  Black and White Graphic Print–Rev up that dress and cardigan combo  with a black-and-white graphic print. You can also achieve this look with a graphic skirt,  scarf or top.

10.  Pink Clutch–Sometimes, just a splash of color on the perfect accessory can breathe new life  into a monochromatic look, like a pink clutch.  Cling to a bright clutch to complete your look the next time you head out to a party or after-hours event.

(information from e-how.com and pictures collected of bing.com)

I also want to touch base on some hot nails trends.  There are so many different things you can do with nail polish anymore, it’s awesome!  I have found so many creative ideas on Pinterest and want to share a few with you.  Click here to check out my nail pins on my Pinterest board.

                                                         More details here.                                                          More details here .                                                          More details here .                                                           More details here .                                                         More details here.

Don’t forget to put the Laurens Spring Open House on your calendar!  Most of us will be open from Noon-8 PM, but check out our blog for more specific details and promotions.  Click here to check out our blog!