The Team

Hey!  That’s me!  Erica Svuba-Owner/Designer here at Cuts to Dye For

I had the dream for a long time to do hair.  I started out going to college just like everyone else after I graduated.  I attended Kirkwood Community College (2003) but soon realized that really isn’t where I wanted to be in my life.  After only a semester, I moved home and started attending La James International College (2004) in Fort Dodge.

My friends, this is where it all began.  My passion was doing hair.  I finished my schooling in a year and was shired right away at Jaynes Headquarters (2005-2008), here in Laurens.   Wow, did I learn a lot while I was there!  BUT–I still wasn’t fullfilling my dream completely.

After three years of great growth, I decided it was time to fullfill my dream.  Talk about quick progress.  I purchased a building, remodeled most everything, stocked up on everything needed to open, and was doing business in a mere 2-3 weeks.  Whew!  Some things are done better with a short time frame!

Cuts to Dye For was opened in 2008 and is kickin butt these days!  I love every adventure this place has taken me on!  When you love what you do, it doesn’t feel like work!

This is Katie Fuchs our other Cosmetologist here at Cuts to Dye For!  She is one amazing rockstar!  Her personality kicks butt and she adds so much to this business!

Katie also went to school at La James International (2008), just at the Cedar Falls location.  When I heard Katie was going to Cosmetology school, I knew I had to get her to come work for me.  Guess what–whatever I did must have worked!  :+)

Katie started here in 2009 and has grown tremendously.  When someone has the drive, passion, willingness to work and learn–great results come out of that.  Business owners try to snatch those amazing people up!  It’s so hard to find someone with all that, but here at Cuts to Dye For-we are blessed!

“Life is an endless struggle full of frustrations and challenges, but eventually you find a hair stylist you like.” ~Author Unknown

2 responses to “The Team

  1. Love the newsletters and I love having such a great salon in town.
    My hair always looks great and I always come away feeling like
    I have gotten the best service ever!!!!! Thank you!
    Tami Tendal

  2. Thanks for all the good tips in your newsy letter..You are putting a lot of time into helping inform your customers on fashions,fun,receipes and just good general information..Thanks and see you soon!

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