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Nail Trends for Summer 2013

nails 2013Although they seem like small details, nails have a great impact on a woman’s stylish look. Beautiful, well-groomed hands and nails are the first steps of creating a trendsetter’s image. Like anything else, nail trends are also extremely diverse this season, so everyone is sure to find something alluring for her. From natural and harmonious nail polish colors to slightly bright ones, as well as patterned nails, the newest spring trends bring a variety of options to choose from. Balancing  out these more extreme styles, we have noticed plenty of glamorous metallic varnishes and a colorful two-tone manicure that adds the perfect pop of sparkle and  impact.  Let’s examine the key manicure trends of the 2013 season and get ready for the spring days, which are actually so close already! (let’s hope, right!?)

Pale Nails

Whether it’s the beauty, hairstyle or nail trends, the new season places a high accent on naturalness and simplicity. Neutral, cream-colored nails for spring isn’t such a shock—it’s a minimalist  trend that’s been gaining momentum since last year.  Effortless looks are proven to be one of a kind. If you love to take care of your hands and nails, but don’t like to go for any colors at all, this trend will definitely interest you. Having short oval or almond-shaped nails painted in nude and milk shades, slightly visible pale peach and pink hues, you are sure to look like a real fashionista this season. Such semi-transparent tones highlight the natural beauty of healthy nails and go well with all the styles and colors of the clothing in your wardrobe.  This season, toning down your nails is the  new way to play it cool.  We carry multiple colors of OPI polish that fit this category!

pale nails

The Dark Side

A dark romantic mood has also took the fashion front this season. The looks that have really stood out thus far are the grayish navy shades, the purple vinyl look, and even the dark angel look has gone over big.  It is best to keep your nails shorter when you are doing a more dramatic dark color on your nails.

dark side

Flashes of Metallics

When it comes to colored nail polishes, we can safely say that the summer nail trends are into traditional hues. Like almost any season, this year too, you can experiment with the colors of temptation, strength and style, such as red, black, various tones of pink, dark blue, bright green, deep lilac, bluish gray and white. Although pastel nail polishes are still hanging in at the top of the list, metallics sill lead. You can go for gold, silver and pearl shades confidently.   Note that this season, it’s very trendy to match the color of your toenails with the sandals you are wearing. The maximum difference between your toenail polish and the sandals can be only a couple of tones.metallic nails


Two Tone Manicure

Bold without being too over the top, the dual polish effect has been getting plenty of  play with the stars so far this summer.   A new twist that has been compared to the French manicure, is a look that is easy to do on your own. Just pick contrasting shades that flatter your skin tone and use a  small brush to paint on a graphic style—try a half-moon, a vertical split, a  V-shape or a diagonal strip.  For  those who want to experiment with the trend without going too far, try painting just your tips with a bit of sparkle or decorating one or two nails with specks  of gold.

two tone nails

Edgy Elements

For those nail enthusiasts, who love to play with different patterns, prints and hues, there is the trend of nail art. This season, you can try to create ombre nails, striped, checkered, leopard printed or python printed manicure.  You might be thinking, “I am not creative enough to do that”…..look no further.  Here at Cuts to Dye For we carry the best nail decals around.  It doesn’t get much easier than that.  Stop in to see the many designs we have to offer!

Magnetic Nail Polish

This polish I might have to say is the closest to magic in the nail world!  This polish gives you 3-D Nail Art in Seconds! The has a revolutionary formula infused with metallic particles that move when exposed to the specially designed magnet to create an extraordinary effect.  STEP 1: Apply 1 coat of base coat. Shake Magnetic Nail Color to activate.  Apply 1 coat of Magnetic Nail Color to all 10 nails and let dry. STEP 2: Apply a second coat of color to 1 nail and immediately hold the built-in magnet over the nail. Rest the guide just below the cuticle without touching the wet nail polish. Hold for 10 seconds. Repeat for all 10 nails and let dry. Finish with top coat. Yep, it’s that easy!  One of the bank girls came by and bought one.  The other girls seen how awesome it was and then they one by one came down and each got one for themselves!!  They bought almost half of it already, so be sure to check it out before it’s all GONE! The second picture below was taken at Market when we were shown how the polish works!!  (Thanks for modeling it Julie!)

magnetic polish

nail polish1magnetic polish2

Creative Nail Design Vinylux

Now you want to talk about awesome new polish!  This is hot off the press and hasn’t been on the market long.  We have been honored to jump on the bandwagon of this new advanced polish.  This is pretty similar to Shellac, but you get to do it in the leisure of your own home.  Vinylux is a breakthrough polish that endures a weeks long fashion perfection…..without a base coat!  Exposure to natural light secures the patent-pending ProLight Technology creating an enduring long-lasting polish.  While ordinary polish become brittle and deteriorates over time, Vinylux dries naturally to a flawless finish and strengthens the resistance to chip over time.  Finally a polish that ensures that your nails will not let you down.  Change it when you want to—-not when you have to!


vinylux poster

Happy Painting!


There’s a First Time for Everything

This morning I felt pretty much on top of the world.  Well, sort-of.  I spend a lot of time searching for great things to sell.  Usually this time is spent online or looking through catalogs.  UGH.  Sometimes that can be awful.  There are many hours spent looking at not finding a single thing that I want to have in the Salon.  Today I met with a Representative of one of the Companies I do business with.  They bring a vehicle around (makes me think of “The Griswolds” motor home type of thing) and they have a ton of product in them to show you.  It pretty much is a showroom on wheels.  I felt like I was on top of the world because I haven’t ever had a “rep” come to me for anything but the hair product I sell.  It really wasn’t a big deal, but to me……it was pretty dang cool.  Let’s just say that we have some more cool jewelry coming next week!  Hope you are all having a great day!  This weather is BEAUTIFUL!

rep trailer

I don’t want to forget about Graduation.  It is right around the corner.  We can help you find the perfect gift to give the graduate that is a little more fun!  We know they need all those college dorm room items, but why not make them smile with a fun accessory to show off their style at college!  Give us a call or stop in and we would LOVE to help you!  (712) 841-HAIR


Monthly Newsletter-April 2013

5 year3

April marks a special time here at Cuts to Dye For.  April is the month that I started doing business here at this location.  BEST. DECISION. EVER. MADE.  Wow, 5 years have gone by already.  Yes. Five.  Hard to believe isn’t it!?  I sit and think about it and it truly amazes me.  Sometimes you just have to give yourself a pat on the back for how far you have come.  I really can’t imagine myself any different from what I’m doing right now and where this path has led me.  Do any of you remember when I first opened up, I believe I maybe had about 25 items total retail items (besides product) in my store.  Now-a-days, the retail items are endless.  I want to say thank you.  THANK YOU. Thank you to all of you who believed in me and stepped into this journey with me.  With out all of you I wouldn’t be as successful as I am today.

spring fling

Spring is coming quickly and there are lots of new Spring Items out in stores!  I know we are continuing to get more and more new items in!  We are getting ready for Spring Open House, so make sure to put Thursday April 25th on your calendar!  There will be a lot of business’ participating along with Cuts to Dye For!! You won’t want to miss out!  I will be doing some posts on the blog to “tease” you and show you all the goodies we are getting in!  hehe

organ donor1

April is National Donate Life Month with hopes of raising awareness for the dire need for organ donations.  Currently more than 115,000, men, women and children are awaiting organ transplants to save their lives.  Thousands more are in need of tissue and cornea donations.  There is no cost to the donor’s family for participating.  It is important to discuss your personal preferences.  You can indicate on your driver’s license of you want to be an organ donor.

Time for a new ‘do?

Are you thinking you might be in the mood for a new haircut?  The asymmetrical haircut is always a good one to try if you have medium to short hair.  There isn’t many people who it doesn’t look good on.  Here is a little bit about that haircut.

Asymmetric Hairstyles…
Will They Work For You
Asymmetric hairstyles are exactly what they sound like, where one side is different from the other.  They can be asymmetrical from one side to the other, or from front to back.  One asymmetrical hairstyle is the bob. The asymmetrical bob hairstyles are some of the most modern and stylish haircuts for those who have short to medium length hair.
Asymmetrical hairstyles will add edginess to your style.  Look at Victoria Beckham, well-known as a Spice Girl and for being married to David Beckham, heart throb throughout the world.  Victoria changes her hairstyle on a very regular basis, but she favors bob hairstyles, and we’re not talking traditional bobs, totally even all around.  Victoria brings to the common bob a true adventurous style, by turning it into an inverted bob.
An inverted or concave bob is cut short at the back of the neck and becomes longer toward the face, creating an asymmetrical shape. This cut is also known as a stacked or wedge bob, a style that is perfect for people with very straight, fine hair. It is usually layered to create volume and provides an illusion of fullness often difficult for people with this type of hair.
A good cut is essential for this style to work, but is surprisingly easy to maintain once you know how. Watch us carefully how to work with your haircut and we can teach you how the best way to blow out this style is and what products you need to keep its shape throughout the day.

katies new do

Speaking of a new do…..Last week I gave Katie a new Haircut.  It looks AWESOME!  One thing I want to say about this is HOLY FACEBOOK.  On our Cuts to Dye For’s Facebook page, I can see how many people view everything that I post.  Let’s just say Katie is going GLOBAL!  I posted a picture of her before/after on our page shortly after I cut her hair.  Within the first 8 hours of posting it, there were 2,180 views.  WHAT!?!?  NO WAY!?!  We have never had that many views on anything we have posted!  Talk about AWESOME!  I just looked on our page again and right now its up to 2,840 views.  CRAZINESS!  Let me remind you we only have 291 people who “LIKE” us on Facebook!  Think of what the numbers would have been if we had even 500 “likes” on Facebook!  Tell everyone you know to “like” us and when we get to 500 likes, we will give away a PRIZE!

New Goodies at Cuts to Dye For Part 3

shwings logo

Now this is the post I have been anticipating for a long time now!  I have been so excited about these Shwings since the day I left Market.  My kids are enjoying these so much!  They think they are the cat’s meow!

Shwings are wings for your shoes!  Super Fun & Easy way to Express your Style!  Make new shoes FLY!  Make old shoes NEW!  Lace them in sneakers or slide them on velcro shoes and sandals… you can wear them just about any way you choose!  Cuts to Dye For has 12 different styles to pick from and we are sure you will love more than one!  The best part is that they are only $6.00!!!!

Let me get to showing you some pictures so you can see how awesome they are!

Let us help you make new shoes fly and make old shoes new!

New Goodies at Cuts to Dye For-Part 2

nail_candy_logo-aboutI wanted to share another product that we have got in that would be great for Easter Baskets.  Nail Art pens are a revolutionary way to add style to your nails.  Nail Candy is sleek with its colors, chic with its capabilities and unique with its designer “micro-tip”.  Try this salon quality nail pen which has 2 brushes and 2 micro tips for stylish nail art!  There is a color for each personality!  Each pen is $8.00 (includes two colors per pen).

MARDI GRAS is for Leaders not Followers!  Gold Glitter, Purple, Olive Green, Metallic Blue

mardigrapenmardi gras








COURAGE MY LOVE brings Confidence!  Red, Pink, White & Black

lovepenscourage my love








LIVE COLORFULLY is purely Innocent!  Pastel Blue, yellow, green & pink

livecolorfully-canisterlive colorfully







There are endless possiblities of what you can create on your nails!  Enjoy it with your creativity!  Check out some creative ideas below or click here to go to my Pinterest Board with more ideas!



nailartmardigraartloveart  Happy painting! :+)

New Goodies at Cuts to Dye For-Part 1

Remember in last month’s newsletter I told you I would be giving you some great ideas to put in your loved ones Easter Baskets?  Well, here we go!  I will be shooting out 4 different parts to this post.  Trust me, we have a TON more of awesome things here that we sell, but I’m going to touch base on four new sets of items that we just got in lately!  You’re going to want to take a seat………because this is awesome stuff!

The first group of items I want to introduce you to is Mr. Bubble.  I’m sure you have heard of Mr. Bubble in the past, but you HAVE to check out the new things they have added to their great line!  It makes getting clean almost as fun as getting dirty!

Shave Kit $10.00

shave kit

  • Use the Bath time Shaving Kit to get your face shiny and clean
  • Mr. Bubble’s foam soap looks like real shaving cream
  • Gives your boy a reason to have fun in the Tub
  • Includes: 1 Mirror, 1 Shaver, 1 comb, 1 brush and 1 8oz. can of foam soap

Spa Kit $10.00

bubble spa kit

  • Mr Bubble 7 Piece set
  • Includes 1 soft pink bath loofah,Mr bubble bubble bath
  • 2 foam cucumber slices,1 pink plastic hair clip,1 pink plastic comb,1 pack of bubbly tub colors

Ice Cream Shoppe $18.00ice cream shoppe

  • Build and design your very own foam Ice Cream treats in the bathtub
  • Use colorful bath confetti and other fun toppings to create hours of bath time fun
  • Fun and easy clean-up, just use your ice cream cone treats to wash-up
  • Includes: 1 Can of Mr. Bubble Foam Soap, 1 Tube of Bath Soap Confetti, 7 Foam Decorations, 2 Plastic Ice Cream Cones, 2 Suction Cups, 1 Foam Ice Cream Cone Station, and 1 Mesh Bag

Bathtub Monsters $18.00bubble monsters

  • Build and Battle your very own foam soap Bathtub Monsters
  • Spray a large amount of Blue Foam Soap onto the floating platform and add fun foam accessories to give your TUB MONSTER personality
  • Use the Mr. Bubble Squirt Gun to Destroy your Bathtub Monsters
  • Includes: 30 Foam pieces, 1 Plastic Squirt Gun, 1 Waterproof Storage Net and 1 8oz. can of foam soap

Bathtime Body Art $15.00bubble body art

  • Create hours of bath time fun with the Mr Bubble Wash Mitt and 6 Bubble Markers
  • Markers are safe to use on bathtub walls, tile and skin
  • With Mr. Bubble coloring is always fun in the tub
  • Includes: 6 Classic Colors and 1 Mr. Bubble Bath Mitt

Colorator $8.00


  • Includes: 6 bath crayons, sponge and BONUS bubbly tub colors.
  • Moms: Crayons are safe for kids and easy to clean up!
  • Nontoxic

Bathtub Colors $5.00tub colors

  • Bubbly Tub Colors magically change the color of the bath water
  • Helps make bath time fun & colorful
  • Includes 50 tablets in an assortment of pink, blue and yellow
  • Rinse body and tub after use
  • Mix the colors for even more excitement, but don’t exceed 10 tablets per bath

Hot New Items

You better mark your calendar for next Thursday, February 7th, 2013. Six business’ in Laurens is hosting the event Mocktails & Cocktails where you go around to all the business and check out what they have to offer. Have a drink, eat some snacks, and for sure a good time will be had. You will receive a “passport” from the business’ and you will get it stamped at each of the six places. We then have a drawing at the end of the night and there will be a winner from each store. YES. 6 Winners! I have to give you a sneak peek at what I have been up to today. I was so excited when I finally….(after 5 years)….invested in a price gun. BEST. MONEY. EVER. SPENT. HANDS. DOWN. I’m not kidding, it’s (almost) been fun pricing all the new items I JUST got in TODAY! You wont believe how many new items I have priced today. Guess……262 new items so far. And that isn’t even all of what’s coming! I have purchased hot new items at Market when I went two weeks ago, and about a third of it is already backordered. That’s how AWESOME and POPULAR the new items are. Here is a sneak peek of the new bracelets I just got in.  Be on the lookout for more pictures of new items that are arriving!

New items Feb 2013